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RC paraglider over rapeseed field

As already announced at the last Prowing, the Para Aviation Plus program offers a real plus in information. Now that many customers and interested parties have been informed and numerous development and RC Para projects have started, we started publishing the first Plus on the subject of RAST valves in RC paragliders on March 27, 2024. We are very pleased that it is now starting. As announced, this information will be distributed via email newsletter, as the channel function in WhatsApp was not yet available at the time (only since September '23). With the availability of this new medium, we have decided to publish the content of Para Aviation Plus in parallel on our new WhatsApp channel. The topics have remained the same as originally announced. Look forward to a plus in background information and much more. ­čśë

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Welcome to ParaAviationPlus
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ParaAviationPlus is your ultimate source for everything related to RC paragliding.
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Below are some highlights you can expect at ParaAviationPlus:

RC paraglider flies with pilot Noah in good weather

Development and construction RC paraglider

RC paraglider construction in the Gliderplan software

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of developing and constructing paragliders, harnesses and other hardware. Find out how our products are created and the approach we take to ensure top quality.

Thermal Seminar Flatland RC Paraglider

RC paraglider pilot controls a RC paraglider with a remote control

If you dream of doing thermal flights with your RC paraglider, you have come to the right place. Discover the basics of thermal formation, learn strategies for strategic flying and get tips on mental training to improve your flying skills.

Company presentation Para Aviation RC

RC Paraglider Exhibition Stand Prowing

Get to know our company and our vision. Learn more about our passion for RC paragliding and why we are committed to making the most of it.

RAST system in RC paraglider

Locking valve on the RC paraglider, symbol representation

Find out everything about the revolutionary RAST® system we use and how it improves the flying experience with RC models. We explain how RAST® works, what advantages it offers and how you can fly RAST® models optimally.

Aerodynamics on the RC paraglider

RC Paraglider Aerodynamics Flow Simulation

Understand the basics of aerodynamics that underlie our paragliders. Learn how to set up your paraglider correctly and achieve optimal wing loading through optimal ballasting.

Flight practice Paramotor

RC paraglider is launched

Get valuable tips on how to take off, thermal and land properly. We want to make sure you feel safe and confident when flying.

Programming the remote control Jeti Duplex and others...

RC paraglider remote control and its programming

If you would like to learn more about programming paragliders with the Jeti Duplex System, we offer special free training courses. Here you will learn the basics and receive specific information about our products.

And much more....

This is just a small insight into the extensive range of ParaAviationPlus products. There is much more to discover! In our regular emails we keep you up to date on product presentations, descriptions and other exciting topics.
We hope you feel comfortable with us and enjoy our content. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are always happy to help.
We hope you have fun discovering the fascinating world of RC paragliding!

Greetings from the test site

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