Gleitschirmstoff für Rippen, V-Rippen, Querbänder usw. 32g/m² MJ32 (hard)


Paraglider fabric for ribs, V-ribs, cross ribs etc. 32g/m² MJ32 (hard)


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Paraglider cloth 32g/m² for ribs, V-ribs, cross ribs etc. in the wing.

This is the very high quality cloth MH32 (hard), which is also used by various man-carrying paraglider manufacturers, including Swing.

Very robust and high quality paraglider cloth. Due to the low warp thread spacing of 3mm it also fits optically very well to RC sport paragliders.

It is delivered in folded condition. The package size contains 3 linear meters with a width of 1.5m. Thus, one package contains 4.5m²

Ideal for home builds or repairs.


- MJ32 (hard)

- 32 g/m²

- Color white

- 3 linear meters

- 4,5m² per package

- 15,99 /running meter

Scope of delivery

- 4,5m²

(The wrinkles, which occur due to the packaging, acclimatize over time in the spread out state)