Hacker Para-RC Harness seat-bracket EVO


Hacker Para-RC Harness seat-bracket EVO

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The new "Metal Seat Evo" inside the harness is used to hold the prop cage, motor, yoke, etc. and provides ample space for additional weights and flight batteries. "Harness Evo" and "Metal Seat Evo" can also be flown without pilot dummy.

In this way, pilot manikins without functional arms can also be used. The side-mounted zipper facilitates the assembly of prop cage and stirrup and allows a quick easily accessible change of the flight battery. The complete "Evo harness system" (harness and metal seat) still fits the "Airbull" and "Airbull light" trikes. The EVO harness can of course be used as a pure glider, as well as a backpack motor.

Set contents:

- Metal seat incl. holes etc.