Recumbent harness RoCket
Recumbent harness RoCket
Recumbent harness RoCket
Recumbent harness RoCket
Recumbent harness RoCket
Recumbent harness RoCket
Recumbent harness RoCket
Recumbent harness RoCket

Recumbent harness RoCket

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RoCket recumbent harness

Due to their construction, recumbent harnesses are more aerodynamic, generate less drag and are therefore used in man-carrying paragliding competitions.

The idea of the RoCket came from the two self-builders Alex R. and Herry H. Both realised their dream of a recumbent harness with their ROCKET. The Swing Connect Race man-carrying recumbent harness served as a guideline. Herry H. was using this recumbent harness for man-carrying flying at the time.
Alex R. put the ingenious idea into practice in an impressive way, and the result was a very robust recumbent harness made of aluminium sandwich plates.
In the meantime, their two ROCKETs have made well over 200 flights. This more than confirms its suitability for everyday use.

In summer, the concept of this recumbent harness was transferred to Para Aviation RC. By redesigning it in a solid GRP lightweight construction, which can be offered as an assembly kit, Para Aviation RC was able to produce the RoCket even more stable and of higher quality. The interchangeable scale head from Para Aviation RC is used as the pilot head.
The internal motor is ventilated through two openings on the side. Due to the good cooling, the motor controller can also be installed inside. This protects the electronics. Furthermore, there is enough space for a 5000mAh battery, optionally 3s or 4s, and lead weights.
To achieve even better aerodynamics, a large propeller spinner is used.

Technical data:

Length: approx. 52 cm
Width: approx. 11 cm
Height: approx. 28 cm incl. pilot
Weight: approx. 2,5 kg
Scale: 1:3


- CNC-milled, very robust GRP fuselage with aluminium spacer sleeves
- Very accurately fitting GRP parts, no reworking necessary
- Threaded inlays, making it very easy to mount the arm and accelerator servos
- Arms with scale hands and acro steering as standard
- Bracket mounting with rivet nuts, thus very easy to assemble
- Scale pilot head Noah, unpainted
- Lying harness made of robust outdoor fabric
- Spinner for aerodynamic tail end
- No re-drilling required on the complete set
- Made in Germany

Scope of delivery:

- GRP kit
- Harness
- Pilot head Noah unpainted
- Head holder
- Upper body clothing
- Pilot arms with deflection
- Spinner
- Small parts bag
- Assembly instructions

*not included in the set:
Servos, servo arms, battery, APS 360°, painted pilot head, motor, spinner, propeller