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Pilot Noah "Free" with Backpack and APS 360° green


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Noah "Free"

With Noah "FREE" we offer a pilot that provides maximum and extremely precise flying fun with little effort.

The great thing about Noah Free is that it can be flown in different variations.
This pilot is great for replacing the nacelle on the Cloud 1.5 set. All the parts needed can be reassembled from the Cloud 1.5 to the pilot, creating a high quality Noah Free pilot. (See video attached below) .

If you later want to fly a scale harness or similar, you can dismantle the Noah-FREE attachment and put the pilot in a harness normally.

Due to the APS-360°-Support and the position of the propring in connection with its point-like mass distribution regarding the moments of inertia, the Noah Free flies like on rails and can be flown with millimeter precision and very agile.

The pilot Noah distinguishes itself by the following contemporary great features of pilots on the market:

- Milled, heavy-duty, very lightweight GRP body.
- Very accurate fitting GRP parts, no rework required
- Threaded inlays, thus very easy mounting of arm and accelerator servos
- GRP arms with D-ring
- The accelerator servos find their place in the pilot
- Bracket mounting with rivet nuts, thus very easy to mount
- Permanently stable attachment of the legs to the body, making launching easier
- Receiver support plate in the body
- Scale pilot head Noah, painted sporty green
- GRP rigid knees
- Scale shoes, painted black, inner shaft GFK reinforced with mounting accessories
- Modern fullbody clothing in green with all necessary mounting and maintenance holes for the backpack and Ditex levers
- No re-drilling required on the complete set
- APS 360°
- Backpack Noah "FREE""
- All screws made of stainless steel

Technical Data:

Pilot scale 1:3

Scope of delivery:

- Milled parts kit Pilot Noah
- GRP arms with D-ring
- Scale shoes with fastening material
- Head Noah, painted green
- Head holder with rubbers
- Fullbody suit in green with all maintenance and mounting holes
- Backpack Noah "FREE
- APS 360° bracket
- screw material
- assembly instructions


Ideal Arm Servo Levers: 

DITEX Servo horn Pro single 22mm – Para Aviation RC (para-aviation-rc.com)

Ideal Accelerator Servo Levers:

DITEX Servo horn Pro single 50mm – Para Aviation RC (para-aviation-rc.com)

Para-RC brass ballast set:

 Hacker brass ballast set – Para Aviation RC (para-aviation-rc.com)