Perforated foam mats
Perforated foam mats
Perforated foam mats
Perforated foam mats


Perforated foam mats

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Perforated mat

Practical perforated foam mats. Ideal for assembly or maintenance work. The component does not slip off the table and the mat protects the table and model from scratches.

Since the mat has a great adhesion, safe and clean work is possible. Screws that fall down remain in the holes of the mats, can be found directly and do not scratch the table or the component.

The mats have also proven to be ideal in the car, household, etc..

Especially when transporting models in the car, they provide an enormously non-slip and at the same time cushioning base between the two contact surfaces. A high degree of slip resistance is thus ensured.

Technical data:

Dimension: 49x21x1,5cm

Hole diameter approx. 6mm

Scope of delivery

depending on the quantity ordered foam perforated mats

* Delivery without model and screwdriver