TEK Düsenhalter mit Schlauch
TEK Düsenhalter mit Schlauch
TEK Düsenhalter mit Schlauch
TEK Düsenhalter mit Schlauch


TEK nozzle holder with hose

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Suitable holder for our TEK nozzles

The TEK nozzle holder made of aluminum is glued firmly into the model. To do this, drill a hole with a diameter of 4 mm at the desired location. If there is not enough wall thickness, a piece of plywood must first be used to fill the hole so that the holder can be glued tightly enough. The TEK nozzle is relatively long, so you have quite a large lever.

The nozzle holder is a little thicker at one end. This side holds the TEK nozzle. So please pay attention to the mounting direction.

The nozzle holder is designed in such a way that the nozzle clamps a bit and already seals well even without a silicone hose. The nozzle is inserted 20 mm into the holder.

The Teflon hose is normally simply inserted into the thinner side of the nozzle holder. It clamps there and is sufficiently tight. The insertion depth is 10 mm. In case of subsequent installation, this saves the problems of having to mount the hose afterwards.

If the hose is a little too thick (tolerance), it can simply be elongated on a short piece. If you then re-cut it in this area, it will be a little thinner and should fit.

The mount is then cleaned, possibly roughened a bit and glued with epoxy (e.g. Endfest 300). The alignment should be as exact as possible in flight direction. The aluminum tube should protrude about 3 mm to the outside so that the silicone tube can be attached here for sealing.

On the MicroVario, a piece of silicone hose is attached to the TEK connection as a transition to the Teflon hose.