Xoar Electric Beechwood Prop 14x8


Xoar Electric Beechwood Prop 14x8

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Product description and features

The Xoar Electric Beechwood propeller is the best choice for all normal electric flight applications and 3D flights. The Xoar Electric Beechwood propellers are available in diameters from 9 to 28 inches. The propeller bore for the Xoar Props up to and including 14 inches is 6 millimeters, from 15 inches is 8 millimeters.

Premium material

The Xoar Electric Beechwood propellers are manufactured to the highest standards by combining excellent craftsmanship and technology. The propellers are made from high-quality German beech wood, which offers excellent physical properties in terms of elongation, breaking load and deformation rate to ensure a strong propeller with low weight.

The unique aerodynamic blades are shaped to offer greater efficiency and stability compared to plastic propellers available on the market.

State of the art manufacturing process

Each Xoar Electric Beechwood Prop is manually machined to achieve perfect surface smoothness and balance after CNC machining. During the coating process, 2 layers of primer and 2 layers of high-gloss protection are applied.

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