RC paragliding equipment - what do I need?

We would be happy to advise you over the phone to get an overview of where you are and to help you find the best solution. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional, we put together an individual set or service parts for everyone to ensure you have as much fun flying with your RC paraglider as possible.

RC PARAGLIDING - WHAT DO I NEED? Phasor 2.3 RAST harness Rocket V2 RC Paragliding

RC paraglider

For a newcomer we recommend

  • SingleSkin Cloud 1.5

For RC paraglider beginners who, for example, already have experience with fixed-wing models

  • Hybrid RAST technology: Stable 2.1 Race RAST

For advanced, experienced and professional

  • Doubleskin Phasor 2.3 RAST

 Motorization / drive set

The drive set / motorization for the RC paraglider depends on whether you:

  • without motor drive, as soaring set (Soaring coast / on the slope or with thermals on the slope / in the mountains)
  • with engine (Normal flying)
  • occasional use of engines (flat, thermal, slope / mountains / Alps),
  • Start via a rubber rope – High start


  • 1 x controller
  • 1 x Engine
  • 2 x servos (optional 2 x servo for accelerator),
  • Propeller (rigid propeller or with folding propeller)

Additionally, batteries and charging technology are required.

Harness / Pilot

  • with propeller cage - backpack (battery compartment) and Pilot Noah Free Set (recommended for beginners)
  • with folding propeller - Backpack (battery compartment) and Pilot Noah free, Noah or
  • Rocket V2 harness

Remote control

  • Remote control and a receiver with
  • at least 3 channels (throttle, control arms right and left)
  • 2 channels for accelerator servo