Classification and selection of RC paragliders and RC paramotors


Welcome to the fascinating world of RC paragliding and RC paramotors! This unique form of model flying offers both beginners and experienced pilots an incomparable opportunity to experience the freedom and beauty of model flying. When choosing the right RC paraglider or RC paramotor, there are various aspects to consider that depend on the individual skills and experience of the pilot.

Our RC paragliders and RC paramotors are based on the class classifications and safety standards of the DHV (German Hang Gliding Association) , which also apply to manned paragliders. These proven classifications help to find a suitable model for every pilot, regardless of whether they are just starting out in the sport or already have mastered advanced flying techniques.

The division into four classes - A, B, C and D - allows a clear assignment of RC paragliders and RC paramotors to different performance levels that the pilot should have and flight characteristics. Although this classification is not officially certified, it does provide valuable guidance in selecting the ideal aircraft according to personal abilities and preferences.

In the following sections, we will introduce each class in detail to help you choose your perfect RC paraglider or RC paramotor. From the relaxed recreational pilot to the demanding professional pilot - with us you will find the right model for your next flying adventure.


A - Leisure and pleasure pilots, beginners, professionals

Our Class A RC paraglider is the ideal model for beginners and recreational pilots. With a focus on safety and ease of use, this glider offers easy handling, making it easier for new pilots to quickly build confidence and competence. Special features include:

  • Robust design that forgives many mistakes and ensures a smooth flying experience.
  • Easy take-off and landing behavior that works reliably even in less than ideal conditions.
  • Versatility in different flight situations, ideal for practicing basic techniques.
NoahFree Class A product visualization for the category "uncomplicated"

Start your flying adventure - More about the RC paraglider for beginners

. RC_Paragliding_Classification_B-Intermediate

B - Beginners with experience

Class B is aimed at pilots who have already gained some experience in RC paragliding and want to develop their skills further. But also at pilots who already fly other fixed-wing models and want to start flying with an RC paraglider. This glider offers a combination of stability and agility and is suitable for a wider range of flight conditions. Highlights include:

  • Advanced RAST® system for improved control and safety.
  • Balanced flight behavior that allows both smooth and dynamic maneuvers.
  • Increased performance for ambitious flight maneuvers, ideal for pilots who want to test their limits.
Stable 2.1 Race Rast - Class B Product visualization for the category "intermediate"

Experience the next level - RC paramotor for advanced pilots


C - Advanced

Class C is designed for advanced pilots to master demanding flight techniques. This wing offers excellent performance and precision for experienced pilots. Advanced features include:

  • Advanced aerodynamics for optimal performance in thermals and updrafts.
  • Precise handling and responsiveness, ideal for complex flight maneuvers.
  • Higher speeds and improved gliding characteristics to master even demanding flight conditions.

Phasor 2.3 Rast - Class C Product visualization for the category "Powerful"

More challenge, more performance - The advanced RC paraglider



D - Advanced and very experienced pilots

Class D is for the most experienced pilots who are looking for maximum performance and challenge. This high-end wing requires a high level of flying skills and is ideal for competition flying and demanding flying conditions. It offers:

  • Top performance in terms of speed, agility and gliding ability.
  • Sophisticated control systems for precise flight control in demanding scenarios.
  • Advanced materials and design for optimal performance and durability.
Phasor 2.3 Rast - Class D Product visualization for the category "Challenging"

Professional models for top pilots - Check out Class D


Our goal is to open the door to the exciting world of RC paragliding and RC paramotor flying for every flying enthusiast. With our carefully classified models, we offer you the opportunity to choose exactly the RC paraglider or RC paramotor that matches your skills, ambitions and flying dreams. Whether you are a beginner learning the basics, an advanced pilot wanting to develop your skills or a professional wanting to explore the limits of what is possible - in our range of RC paragliders and RC paramotors you will find the ideal companion for each of your aerial adventures. We invite you to explore the skies and experience the freedom of flying with one of our high-quality RC models.

Would you like to experience our RC paragliders in flight? Discover the fascination of RC paragliding in our dynamic flight videos. Watch now and be inspired!

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