Harness Noah

Harness with many great features....

New info about the harness Noah:

  • Internal engine
  • Powered by a Hacker A40 10S V4
  • Ball bearing remote shaft
  • Internally installed YGE Controler 65 LVT
  • Optimal cooling air circulation
  • Drive design for 3S 5000mAh battery, 4S possible with stronger controller
  • No oscillation or rocking of the pilot
  • Internal comfortable ballast system
  • ...

Since the motor is installed close to the center of gravity, there are only very low mass moments of inertia around all axes. The result is a very smooth flight behavior, so that can be flown extremely quietly and accurately. On the product page you will find more photos

At the end of next week we will publish more info about the inner structure and the ballast system.

Availability of the harnesses in about four weeks.

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