Our enthusiasm and passion for RC model building has existed for as long as we can remember. At Para Aviation RC, we are united by the shared dream of flying - both as manned paragliders, hang gliders and glider pilots and as developers in RC paragliding, with over 36 years of experience in model aircraft building and the innovative model building sector such as GPS triangle flying in the scale and SLS classes.

RC Gleitschirm Pilot im Gurtzeug


As experienced mechanical engineers, we bring our 20 years of industry experience, which we gained at a global player in the disciplines of development, design, testing, lightweight construction, fiber composite materials and aerodynamics, into the current developments and designs of our RC paramotors and RC paragliders. This expertise enables us to always push the boundaries of what is technically feasible and to develop RC paragliders that not only enrich your free time, but also bring you closer to the dream of flying.

Pioneers of paragliding – SWING company

In our close collaboration with SWING, the pioneers in manned paragliding, we integrate groundbreaking innovations into our RC paragliders. SWING's 35 years of experience in developing paragliders that offer maximum control in every situation inspires us. This is how the basic idea for RAST (Ram Air Section Technology) was born at Swing - a technical design element that makes paragliding more predictable and safer by dividing the canopy into different pressure zones, especially in turbulent conditions.

roter RC Paraglider am Himmel über weiße Alpenlandschaft

Exclusive RAST valves in Para-Aviation-RC paragliders

Our close collaboration with SWING enables us to integrate the patented RAST® system exclusively into our RC paramotors and RC paragliders. This specialization in the development and adaptation of RC models leads to unparalleled flight performance and safety in the RC paragliding world. Every RC paraglider in our company is developed using advanced software that is standard in the paragliding industry. This means that every RC paraglider we produce is an independent innovation, not as a scaled-up or scaled-down model. With the exclusive RAST valve, our RC paragliders stand out in the scene through their innovative power. We also use the same production facilities as SWING, which means that our RC paragliders are manufactured by the same experts and subject to the same strict quality controls as their manned counterparts, but with even more precise manufacturing tolerances.

RAST Ventil wie es im RC Paragliding angewendet wird. Modellvorstellung

At the start

Very harmonious winding behaviour

Wirkweise des RAST Ventil in der RC Paraglider Zelle

In stationary gliding flight

Comfortable and compact flight experience

RAST Modell am Paramotor bei einem Frontklapper

In case of pressure loss

Maximum control in challenging situations

Geschlossenes Rast Ventil im RC Gleitschirm

Closed RAST® valve

Geöffnetes RAST Ventil am RC Gleitschirm

Open RAST® valve

Aerodynamics and profile strak technology in RC paragliders

Our RC paragliders and wings are characterized by uncompromising and forward-looking aerodynamic designs. Supported by Philip Kolb, a leading aerodynamicist in the RC model building scene, we use advanced flow simulations to develop wings for RC paragliders that cover a wide range of speeds. These wings enable our RC paragliders to circle slowly and gently as well as, if necessary, fly agilely and at high speed. The innovative profile strak technology optimizes gliding and increases the agility and handling of our RC paragliders. These flight phases are controlled via a 3-position switch on the remote control, which sets the various basic arm positions of the RC paraglider pilot.

Aerodynamische Begebenheiten am RC Paraglider
RAST Konstruktionsquerschnitt in der Rc Paraglider Kappe

High-quality materials for RC paragliders

When manufacturing our RC paragliders, we place great emphasis on the quality of the materials used. We only use high-quality and lightweight fabrics from renowned paraglider fabric manufacturers to ensure the best flight characteristics. Depending on the area of ​​application and the required technical sophistication of the RC paraglider, we use a variety of materials, including Dominico D10, 10DFS, Skytex 27, Skytex hard, as well as Techfiber STA10 and STA15.

Roter RC Paramotor fliegt über gelbes Rapsfeld

Revolutionary RC paragliding models from Para-Aviation-RC

Every RC paraglider from our company is a high-precision sports device that is characterized not only by its scale appearance, but above all by its revolutionary flight dynamics. Our RC paragliders impress with their agility, precise control behavior and excellent acceleration with consistent gliding performance. Thanks to the flow-simulated wings and the innovative RAST valve, our RC paragliders offer high resistance to collapse and fast reopening times. They are designed so that they can be flown with minimal weight changes in order to fully exploit their aerodynamic performance spectrum.

RC Paramotor Liegegurtzeug Rocket mit Pilot Noah

Custom-made harnesses and accessories for RC paragliders

We develop harnesses and accessories for our RC paragliders in-house at the most modern 3D CAD workstations. By using industry-leading 3D CAD software and simulation software, we achieve the highest standards in quality and are very flexible when it comes to changes or special customer requests. We carry out our milling work ourselves, and we particularly focus on health-friendly methods such as milling underwater with diamond cutters.

Challenging tests for RC paragliders: In demanding topography and meteorology

Our RC paragliders, pilots and harnesses undergo intensive testing procedures in the demanding conditions of the southern hemisphere. These rigorous tests in various weather conditions and temperature fluctuations enable us to optimize the performance of our RC paragliders under extreme conditions. These comprehensive test conditions are crucial to the development of our high-performance RC paragliders and contribute significantly to their success.

RC-Gleitschirme in rot, grün und orange auf einer Messe

Various designs for RC paragliders: adaptation to pilot skills

In the world of RC paragliding, choosing the right system is often a question of pilot experience. Our RC paragliders impress in all classes, thanks to the sophisticated development phases, aerodynamic refinements and high-quality materials. We offer different designs that are suitable for different experience levels: single skin for beginners, hybrid for advanced pilots and double skin for experienced pilots. But choosing the right RC paraglider is more than a question of experience - it is also about adapting to the individual needs of the pilot, supported by our innovative technologies and materials.