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Die Anfänge

"Every beginning is difficult - but it gets easier with one goal"
- Rico Priesnitz -

For as long as he can remember, aviation has exuded a special fascination for owner Rico Priesnitz. But not only he was always addicted to flying. At Para Aviation RC we are united by the common dream of flying - and that in all imaginable forms: man-carrying as a paraglider, hang-glider and glider pilot and with over 34 years of experience in model aircraft construction through to GPS triangle flying of the scale and SLS -Class.

Our professional qualifications as mechanical engineers - including development, design and testing - with 20 years of professional experience in the industry at a global player, as well as our wealth of experience and knowledge regarding lightweight construction in fiber composites, aerodynamics and much more, support us in our goal to always push the limits of what is technically feasible in order to develop products that enhance your leisure time and bring you closer to the sky, dear customers.

At Para Aviation RC the human being is in the foreground, so we are proud to work very closely with Philip Kolb (aerodynamics and simulation), one of the best aerodynamicists in the RC sector. Also, a very good service and close contact to our customers is always very important to us.

Weiterhin sind wir sehr stolz, in enger Zusammenarbeit mit der manntragenden Firma SWING deren patentiertes RAST® System exklusiv in unsere RC Sportgleitschirme integrieren zu dürfen. Dadurch erreichen wir am Markt eine noch nie dagewesene Flugperformance und Sicherheit. Mit der oben beschriebenen Erfahrung im Rücken kommen nun immer mehr Produkte hinzu, die alle direkt bei uns im Hause mittels hochwertiger Software (Industriestandard) entwickelt, simuliert, getestet  und zum Teil selbst gefertigt werden. Seien Sie gespannt...