What is Rast®

R.am A.ir = dynamic pressure
S.ection = sectioning / subdivision
Technology = technology

This system comes from the man-carrying paraglider development and was developed by the company SWING and patented.

RAST® is a technical design element that makes paragliding more predictable by dividing the paraglider canopy into different pressure zones. The glider is more stable and easier to control, especially in turbulent conditions. RAST® mode of action:


General advantages:

  • Easiest starting behavior, especially in difficult conditions
  • High canopy stability
  • Effectively counteracts large-scale rattling
  • No complete emptying of the canopy in the event of malfunctions - thus less loss of height, faster re-opening, less tendency to become entangled and better control over the brakes
  • More performance in moving air thanks to less canopy movements
  • More control and instant control in thermals